Our story

From small beginnings in 2014, we have grown our knowledge, passion and ourselves to create a business that provides quality product, eco -conscious choices and strives to provide a seamless customer  experience.

When it comes to natural materials, we're obsessed

Nature is the world’s greatest architect. So we work with it to curate the very best landscaping products on the market.

We’re always looking for new products to deliver the better durability and results for your design concept.

We source only the very best raw materials and try to ensure these are as sustainably and locally sourced as possible. What you see on our website is just a launchpad: we’re always adding to our product list, so if you can’t find something you need, please contact us.

Modern garden landscaping – landscaping supplies in The Hunter Valley

We make landscaping specification easy

With a long history in garden maintenance and landscaping, we have a comprehensive, all-around knowledge in all areas of construction, landscaping and gardening.

This means we can help with landscaping specifications to ensure you order the right product for your needs.

We welcome everyone, regardless of where you’re at in your landscaping and construction journey. Our expert advice will turn your vision into a reality. We’re family owned and operated, and pride ourselves on being experts at what we do.

Modern garden landscaping – landscaping supplies in The Hunter Valley

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