Premium Top Dress

Organic Top Dressing is a high-quality soil mix with 30% double-washed sand, 20% soil and 50% composted organics.

It is combined with a base fertiliser to help aid turf growth within its first 12 month growing season.

The organic content within the mixture has a pH level of 6.0-7.0, helping protect turf from plant disease. It also aids grass shoots to grow during times of poor sunlight and cold weather.

Organic Top Dressing is made by combining the washed sand that has been screened and mixed with organics and natural fertiliser additives to repair turf areas that have depleted over time. It is designed to be spread over turf areas during its first growth season.


We deliver to Singleton and surrounding areas, including Newcastle, The Hunter, Nelson Bay, Scone and Musselbrook. Please contact us for a quote which can include delivery.

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